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A geek is just a nerd with a non-zero potential for having sex — Staszek Krawczyk

A geek is just a nerd with a non-zero potential for having sex — Staszek Krawczyk

Just how to keep a relationship. It is a very different activity than getting into one while it is a crucial topic. Nonetheless, these links could be helpful:

It’s not about self-identification (here is a very stereotypical case in White & Nerdy by “Weird Al” Yankovic) while I use the word nerd a lot,. You don’t must have your favourite equation, or even a book that is comic! Observe that with regard to this text, i personally use nerd and geek interchangeably.

You are likely to benefit from this blog post series if you are highly intellectual, socially awkward person. Just looking over this article beyond the 140 character baseline is just a good indicator that you could like its content. All guide worms, and weblog worms, are welcome!

In a nutshell, nerds are usually thought as having mixture of cleverness, obsession and awkwardness that is socialsince covered in this classic Venn diagram). In the event that you actually want to dive into this topic:

Personal and intercourse lifetime of nerds

Alan Turing: They only overcome personally me up because I’m smarter than they have been. Christopher Morcom: No, they beat you up because you’re various. — The Imitation Game 2014 movie

Personal life might not especially be fun during youth and adolescence — with severity which range from as an outsider, to being totally excluded or earnestly bullied. Nerds could get it harder with social skills and their rank that is social:

Dating is really an activity that is thereforecial so there must be no real surprise that such issues could make it tough to date.